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We, at the John Mulhern Company, are committed to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.  

Included in the many products we provide, we have a team specializing in High Purity Filtration, Critical Filtration, Membrane Filtration and General Filtration. Our full lines include manufacturers as Critical Process Filtration, Shelco Filters, Airpel Filtration and Hydronix Water Technology. The majority of our products are manufactured in the USA under the most stringent quality controls of  US manufacturing plants with ISO9001 certification. 



                                                           Markets Served

    * Food & Beverage

     * Pharmaceutical  

  * Industrial Water         

 * Ink, Paint & Coatings

    * Wine

     * Chemical Process

   * RO & DI Systems

 * Power Generation

    * Electronics

     * Biotech

   * Waste Water

 * Metal Finishing & Plating





Membrane Cartridges for 
Wine, Water Filtration and
high purity fluids. General,
Food & Beverage and
Pharmaceutical grades
medias, Absolute rated.
CP manufactures their own media
 in their USA ISO 9001 facility

Critical Process High Purity
depth cartridges for all
filtration applications. Liquid,
air, hot and cold temps,
up to 99.9% efficiencies.
Wide range of media
selection and grades

Fully Encapsulated cartridges,
membrane, depth or wide variety
of medias can be inserted into
FDA approved non metallic housing. Fully disposable after multiple uses. Available in a variety of connections. 

Complete line of Sanitary
316 stainless steel housings.
Food & Beverage, medical grade
 Single cartridge to twenty-one multi cartridge models available


Shelco Filtration Commercial
housings, widely used in
the industry, besides standard
configurations, we can customize your filters for your application at our manufacturing facility in 
Connecticut  up to 52 multi 
cartridge housings

Shelco's heavy-duty Bag housings are manufactured of stainless  or carbon steel. Features such as adjustable stainless leg assembly, positive sealing bag, quick opening clamp or swing bolt closures, differential gauge ports and stainless steel basket. With the flexibility of customizing adds to value of these leading filters.   

        NEW PRODUCT !
Shelco Disc Stacked Housings are made with either a clamp or swing bolt closure. These housings incorporate an internal spring-loaded seal for positive sealing. Operating pressures up to 150psi at 300 degrees F

Shelco Jumbo Housings are designed to accept a single cartridge that can withstand flow rates of up to 150 gpm. Cartridges are made of a reusable polyester material which are designed for many cleanings before replacement. Available in clamp or swing bolt closure style coming complete with  ss legs, differential pressure ports and gauges.

Shelco's single Cartridge Housings have been an industry leader for more than 30 years. Available in 
304 and 316 stainless steel and a wide variety of designs to fit with almost any application. We also have a complete line of Plastic housings. Also included are High Purity Virgin Polypropylene housings available in open end and 222 configurations. 


We offer a full line of Nominal rated filters which offer an infinite solution to your filtration needs. We offer carbon, high dirt holding capacity wound, pleated, graded density melt blown and  cleanable stainless steel cartridges. Also a complete line of filter bags.

BatchMaster Lenticular
disc filter. Great for smaller
runs. Can be used with or
without a filter aid products 
such DE or Perlite. Uses 
from 6  to 12 cells at 1.14 sq ft of surface area per cell.. 

We offer a complete product line of Filter Bags for liquid filtration manufactured by one of the country's leading producers of the industry. Many materials and sizes available. 
Anode bags for plating applications.    Have a special application? 

    Customizing also available.   

Polaris Ultraviolet Systems, compact design and economical UV treatment for low and medium flow applications
1/4" to 2 1/2" pipe size  up to 100 gpm

Terriss Consolidated Industries
Quality control equipment and 

Airpel Filtration, liquid basket strainers. Simplex, Duplex and Y strainers
With larger filter surface area than competitor products increasing
flow rates. 

Quietaire Evaporative Cooling Fans. As much as 25 degrees drop in temp. Low energy use. 18" to 48" models

Swift Adhesives by Forbo
Industrial Adhesives. Label Adhesives (both cold and hot), Hot Melts, Palletizing Adhesives, resins, dextrins, starches  
Glue sticks and glue guns by AdTech

ShurTape packaging sealing tapes.  Commercial grade machine rolls and hand application rolls

Glue Dots International
pre extruded fugitive adhesive used for attaching business cards to flyers, magnets to cards, cards to wine bottles, gift basket assembly, temporary and permanent bonding. easy to apply 

G &F Siphon Fillers, 304 and
316 stainless steel models
available, Standard and 
Custom stainless steel tanks

                                                    We also have a full product line of industrial, food grade and water treatment chemicals available 



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